Adam Cook

Adam Cook is a conservationist and entrepreneur dedicated to creating platforms for social and environmental change.

Director of ‘The Science Assembly’, ’WildSupport’ and ‘The Devon Farm CIC’, Adam co-ordinates conservation projects around the world, creates ethical products and promotes a resilient future.

After a recent tour of America with the U.S. State Department, Adam is setting his sights on global change for a better future.

I Am A Futurist

The concept of this talk is to use Adam’s recent tour of America with the U.S. State Department as well as the way he has designed his companies to open a dialogue about ethics, sustainability, social justice and ways to inspire change.

Adam will be discussing what has inspired his choices and why using a fundamental core, based on sustainability and ethics can unlock an extremely diverse range of worthwhile projects, all designed to do good.

Using everyone as inspiration, Adam has started a new project delving into what the future will be like for us living in cities over the next hundred years and aims to steer the real world towards a more resilient future.