Final Rehearsals

Tuesday night was the final rehearsal for TEDxPlymouthUniversity. After weeks of relaxed workshops and practise sessions, there was a tension in the air. Photographers clicking, sound and lighting engineers doing their thing, speakers going over their talks again and again to get the timings right and the emphasis spot on. Talking at a TEDx is a big deal. I’m not speaking (not this time, anyway!) but I tried out the walk – from the calm and darkness of the auditorium to the centre of the brightly lit, noticeably warmer, circle of red carpet. My heart rate went up a notch.

But, most of the time I sat and listened to the ideas being shared. I found out about the things we don’t know about the nature of the universe, the meaning of love if you happen to be an interactive art installation and the evidence about whether we trust robots anyway. I heard first-hand the power of poetry and of salty messages which travel across continents, real life accounts of unconscious bias and whether we can cure prejudice with a pill. I found myself connecting threads and themes from multiple tales of inspiration: campaigns for women’s rights, the early Beatles years and ancient stories of the undead. I heard about the people who are designing the cities of the future and was reminded why Plymouth is most definitely not the graveyard of ambition.

If you are one of the lucky ones who has a ticket for this fully booked TEDx event, then you’re in for a great night!

Michelle Virgo