Looking back

Hi, my name is Amber Strong and I work at Plymouth University’s Futures Entrepreneurship Centre. I was privileged to be a member of the TEDx Plymouth University 2017 planning committee.

This Evolution of Inspiration themed event saw thirteen speakers selected from just under seventy applicants to bring their chosen topics to the stage. Fascinating talks on; being a Futurist, how the oceans connects us, evolution of the undead, equality, robotics, poetry, prejudice and changing the world, made for a night full of inspiration and insight. With some coaching beforehand by our team, each speaker rose to, surpassed the challenge set, and delivered riveting talks.

Looking back, I am so excited to have been a part of TEDx Plymouth University 2017. One aspect I was particularly impressed with was how our main organisers had arranged the order of the speakers. The order of speakers allowed the audience to go on a journey of understanding, inspiration, and memory. Inspired by Adam Cook’s opening talk on ‘I am a Futurist’; to name but a few of the brilliant speakers. The audience breathe in Ismini Vasileiou’s personal journey challenging stereotypes as a Greek woman with a love of IT; have their minds spun by Antonio Rago’s talk on Particle Physics with the help of great analogies. Then, in the second half, the audience wash in the emotions poetry can bring as Tracey Guiry shares her journey of reaching out to her mother with dementia.


Amber Strong