My favourite photos

It has been about a month since the TEDx Plymouth University event and I have been having a look back at the photos from the evening. Here are a few of my favourites and why.

The first is the picture of the team, over the past 6 months I have got to meet and work with people who are equally as passionate about TED talks, Plymouth and its community. That is the reason why we had talks from both academics and the people doing amazing projects right on our doorstep. It was amazing to see it all unfold.

The second picture that is very memorable is the photo of Chris Hunt doing his talk about the art installation he and his team created for the Tate Modern (I do not want to spoil the rest so I will let you watch it). His talk spoke about the journey he went on to create his art piece, but what springs to mind is the journey he took to deliver a compelling TED Talk. Being from a techy background all of the other talks he has done before have been about explaining and analysing what he did (with large techy words). For a TED talk, it is all about storytelling and explaining to a crowd that are new to the topic, so the choice of language and presentation is different. So to see the hard work Chris put into going from a tech conference talk to storytelling journey was amazing, even having feeling comfortable enough to do his talk with no shoes on, just his bright yellow sock was inspiring in itself.

The last picture would be the photo of the all of the people that were looking at the stands before the show and during the break. It was amazing to see a large group of like-minded people all engaging, showing strong the ideals of TED talks, which is knowledge exchange and engagement.

So my final thought is that I would like to say thanks to anyone that attended, volunteered, talked and help run this event.

Michael Todd