This Week!

Well it’s the week of the event and we’ve entered what I like to think of as the eye of the storm; the couple of days before the show where everything suddenly goes very calm.

Except for a few bits of printing and our main rehearsal tomorrow it seems like my to do list is pretty much all done. I’ve been running various types and sizes of events for nearly 5 years now and this stage always makes you feel a little nervous and think I must have forgotten something or I should be busier than this. Obviously there’s a limit to how much you can plan for the “Unknowns” but after the months of meetings, collective planning and practice workshops for the speakers you have to assume that it’s all in hand and you have prepared to the highest possible level.

The rehearsal tomorrow (Tuesday) will shake out any of the last few issues around the running order, technical requirements and speakers’ performances with further time set aside for everyone to practise on Thursday during the day. Our detailed plans have had to encompass instructions for our speakers, camera technicians, lighting, photography, sound technicians, volunteers, sponsors, caterers, stand holders, events team, the audience members, and our compere for the night too. That’s a lot of people to co-ordinate! I personally can’t wait to pass through these couple of quiet days and get to Thursday, when the storm really strikes!

Francesca Crickmere